Student Resources for Pregnancy and Parenting

Students who are pregnant or otherwise planning for the early months of parenting are encouraged to contact UMBC’s Title IX Coordinator to discuss plans for any anticipated leave of absence, as well as reentry into their academic program.

Consultation is also available to faculty and staff with questions about how to appropriately support pregnant and parenting students.

Mikhel Kushner, Title IX Coordinator

 UMBC Resources:
  • Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant and Parenting Students
  • Family-Friendly Restrooms:
    • Family-friendly restrooms have space for changing your infant or toddler.  We want to make sure that parents, guardians and caregivers can locate them on campus. Family-friendly restrooms are located in the following buildings:
      • AOK Library: 1st Floor, men’s and women’s restrooms
      • ITE Building: 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor restrooms
      • Meyerhoff Chemistry Building: 1st Floor, men’s and women’s restrooms
      • Physics: 1st Floor, men’s and women’s restrooms
      • Performing Arts and Humanities Building: 2nd floor all gender restroom
      • Public Policy: 1st Floor, men’s and women’s restrooms
      • RAC: Main lobby, men’s and women’s restrooms
      • The Commons: Ground Floor in both all gender restrooms
  • Lactation Rooms:
  • Moms and Parents Group:
  • Graduate Assistant Handbook
Additional Resources: