Campus Resources

Confidential Resources

Conversations with these Confidential Resources will not trigger a report to the Office of Equity or Inclusion or otherwise be shared. The only exceptions are when there is clear and imminent danger that someone’s life is at risk, there is apparent or suspected abuse of a child or dependent adult, or there is a legal obligation to reveal such information under an enforceable court order.

Counseling Services:
UMBC Counseling Center

Counseling and mental health services for students provided by licensed professionals (on-call after hours), including referrals to off-campus services for students

Universities at Shady Grove

Center for Counseling and Consultation Comprehensive counseling, psychological, and consultative services to the students, faculty, and staff at the USG campus

Interfaith Center

Provides space for students, staff and faculty from all religious and spiritual backgrounds to meet, worship, discuss, and celebrate their individual and collective faiths and belief systems. Only Pastoral Counselors are Confidential. All other staff are non-confidential resources.

Employee Assistance Program

Provides counseling, support, and assistance for employees, as well as access to online resources.
TTY# for the hearing impaired:1.800.697.0353

Medical Services:
University Health Services

Provides free medical exams, including STI/HIV and pregnancy testing for members of the UMBC community by licensed professionals
Note: UHS cannot provide a SAFE

Non-Confidential Resources

Office of Equity and Inclusion

Direct resource for support and information related to concerns and reports of discrimination and harassment impacting community member access to their academic program, workplace, or UMBC services and programs generally. Contact point for required reporting and questions about UMBC’s Non-Discrimination Policy, including informal resolution options, formal resolution through investigation, interim protective or supportive measures, and general support & resources

UMBC Police

24-hour police services and emergency response, acts as liaison with other agencies (e.g. courts system, medical facilities, criminal investigations), including protective order registration for on-campus enforcement and campus escorts

Universities at Shady Grove Public Safety and Security

24-hour campus security and emergency response, acts as liaison with local police and UMBC Police, including protective order registration for on-campus enforcement and campus escorts.

UMBC Student Affairs

Addresses a wide-variety of student concerns, including student life, housing, health/mental health, and student care and misconduct

UMBC Residential Life

Provides facilities, services, and programs that support the academic mission of the institution and enhance the quality of life for students that live on-campus

Campus Life’s Mosaic Center

Dedicated to creating an environment that supports cross-cultural education and collaboration and initiatives that celebrate cultural diversity, equality, and social justice

Office for Academic and Preprofessional Advising

Provides assistance to students experiencing academic difficulty

Office of Accessibility and Student Disability Services

Coordinates reasonable accommodations for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities, “qualified” under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA and ADAA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, who request and are eligible for services

International Education Services

Provides activities, services and advising on visa related matters, for study abroad students, international students, international faculty, researchers and scholars at UMBC

UMBC Human Resources

Provides professional services and information to employees regarding benefits, compensation & classification, and employee relations